Welcome Message from Leslie

image of Leslie Leve, PhD

Welcome to our lab!

It an honor to share the latest news, publications, and projects generated by the Basic and Applied Prevention Science Lab with you. The research you will learn about on this site reflects a range of collaborative work led by students, postdocs, and research scientists affiliated with the LeveLab.

The work of my lab is grounded by three core values.

First, I believe that the most innovative and impactful research is generated through collaborations that include individuals from a range of identities, career stages, and disciplinary perspectives. When we have the opportunity to talk about and conduct research from multiple vantage points, we can generate new ideas and approaches that advance the field and make an impact on human health in exciting ways. I strive to incorporate knowledge and insights from students, researchers, community partners, people with lived experiences, and the population of focus into my research—from the initial conceptualization of a new research project idea through to data collection and the development of papers and other products.

Second, as noted by the title on my lab—basic and applied prevention science—I believe that we can advance discoveries in the field of prevention science through both basic research and intervention studies. Ideally, the two approaches are integrated with feedback loops that inform one another. But, sometimes this is not possible, and/or takes years to accomplish. Basic science research in my lab is generated with public health outcomes in mind—what can we learn from this work that could inform future programs, practices, or policies? In parallel, intervention studies are grounded in a strong theoretical and scientific basis that is informed by what we know about underlying mechanisms and processes associated with behavior change.

Third, the research in my lab has a priority focus on improving the wellbeing of underserved individuals and communities. There is indisputable evidence that current and historical policies and practices in the United States have precipitated inequities in access to quality health care, affordable and safe housing, educational opportunities, healthy and affordable food options, and exposure to environmental harms (e.g., pollution, lack of green spaces). These inequities contribute to significant disparities in health outcomes seen today. Accordingly, my lab has an overarching goal of pursing research, interventions, and partnerships that have the potential to reduce the disparate behavioral health outcomes seen in children and adults in society today.

We welcome collaborative partners and opportunities, please contact me at leve@uoregon.edu with your ideas and questions!