Post Doctoral Researchers

image of Diana Jenkins, PhD
Diana Jenkins, PhD

Diana received her doctorate in family and human development from Arizona State University where she focused on gender-related research. Specifically, her research interests revolve around stereotyping, gender attitudes and differences, masculinity, and sexism, and how interpersonal relationships play a role in these constructs. Her quantitative and methodological training allows her to address these questions using multifaceted approaches in adolescent and adult samples.


image of Veronica Oro
Veronica Oro, PhD

Veronica completed her doctorate in developmental psychology at Arizona State University where she was trained in both quantitative and molecular genetic methods. She leverages these approaches to examine genetic and environmental mechanisms underlying parent-offspring transmission of physical and mental health. Moreover, Veronica's research focuses on the role of sociocultural factors in the manifestation of symptomology. Her passion lies in applying these findings to ultimately mitigate health disparities incurred by historically marginalized populations.