Doctoral Students

image of Avery Turner
Avery Turner, BS

Avery is a doctoral student in the Prevention Science program. She is primarily interested in researching substance misuse prevention strategies in emerging adulthood. While working in the Leve Lab, Avery hopes to gain more experience designing, implementing and evaluating substance misuse prevention initiatives among college students.

image of Elizabeth Bates
Elizabeth Bates, MSN

Elizabeth is a first-year doctoral student in the Prevention Science program at the University of Oregon. Her research interests include the social contexts that affect children’s social, emotional, and cognitive developmental outcomes; how caregiver well-being and mental health influence a child’s development; and how adversity in the early environment can be mitigated through family-based interventions and preventive care. She is interested in exploring those topics and more through implementation science and translational research.

image of Lue Williams
Lue Williams, MA

Lue is a doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Oregon and joined the EGDS study team in 2019. Lue conducts recruitment activities with adults and young adults from adoptive families for participation in EGDS. She also analyzes adult mental health data with other existing EGDS and ECHO datasets. Lue’s research interests include etiological factors of suicide and related mental health outcomes and culturally-informed interventions that support survivors of interpersonal violence.

image of Maya Casper
Maya Casper, MPH

Maya is a doctoral student in Prevention Science at the University of Oregon. With her background in public health, she has had the opportunity to participate in health promotion activities at the local, state, and federal levels. Her research interests include interventions for corrections-involved individuals during incarceration and after release and substance misuse prevention. She is interested in exploring those topics through qualitative research methods emphasizing implementation and translational approaches. Maya hopes to continue to pursue related research opportunities utilizing strength-based and community-informed frameworks.

image of Reid Thompson Canas
Reid Thompson Cañas

Reid Thompson Cañas is a Counseling Psychology doctoral student at the University of Oregon and is advised by Dr. Leslie Leve. Reid’s research focuses on mental health, well-being, and risk and protective factors for queer, trans, and gender nonconforming populations in Latin America.

Masters Students

image of Philip B Serban-Dragan
Filip B. Serban-Dragan, BA

Filip is a first-year MS student in the Prevention Science program at the University of Oregon. His research interests include the types of educational systems and training that increase children’s self regulation, well-being, self esteem, creativity and intelligence; how environment affects children mental health; and how involvement of parents, peers and teachers can lead to resilience and healthy behaviors. His long term goal is to create an educational system that will help children (age 3-14) prevent mental diseases and reach their infinite potential. He lived and study in Romania, Italy, Azebjiadan and Sweden and is looking forward to bring his multicultural experience in the form of interventions and prevention campaigns that promote mental health.

Undergraduate Students

image of Matilde Arias
Matilde Arias

Matilde is a junior at the University of Oregon currently obtaining her B.A. in Political Science and Spanish. She is working for the Prevention Science Institute at the University of Oregon on the RADx-UP Latinx Project.